First blog post

I started this blog post as a little introduction as to what i am about, & what i intend to gain from blogging.  My life is finally at peace now, but for most of my adult life i had been in a controlling relationship where i was abused mentally and physically.  The last several years have been life changing for me since i have broke free.

The things we take for granted, the mundane tasks of going to work, coming home cooking tea and watching television leave me feeling so blessed.  Blessed to have a roof over my head, peace and quite and ‘no unnecessary drama’ created by another, and forcing my life off the rails like a runaway train.  I have wrote about what i went through in a book called ‘Under your influence’ which i am hoping to get published one day.

The first chapter is already feature on amazon, in ‘The writers and artists yearbook 2016 anthology’.  Ideally i hope others can relate to what i went through, and if they are going through it too, it may give them some support when they find it difficult to break free.  Sadly i have recently been diagnosed with ‘Lyme disease’ which is what my first blog is about.  After getting out of one sticky situation where i was in it up to my neck, i don’t intend to let this disease get the better of me.


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